Monday, December 26, 2011

Columbia Crest Two Vines Merlot 2009

In the Glass: Medium ruby red color

On the Nose: Aromas of black cherry, cola and caramel

On the Palate: Mouth filing sweet notes of caramel, anise and currants. Slightly spicy finish with some heat.

Style: Smooth and supple

Rating: 89/100

Price Range: $6.00-8.00. Widely available at most wine shops and supermarkets

Comments: Columbia Crest wines are some of my favorites year after year because of a consistency of quality at a low price point! Excellent QPR on this wine. Although merlot has been recently criticized for its universal appeal and easy drinking qualities as not a "serious" wine, this wine might serve to disabuse the critics and show why so many wine drinkers continue to enjoy the merlot  based wines. This particular variety and vintage has very classic merlot color and flavors and is great for just relaxed quaffing alone or a perfect accompaniment to pork and barbecue dishes.  At this price level, it is an excellent every day wine for those that love medium bodied red wines.

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