Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trumpeter Malbec Mendoza 2010

In the Glass: Dark purple color

On the Nose: Fragrance of sour cherries and a hint of mint and cinnamon. Will benefit from decanting prior to serving to open up the bouquet.

On the Palate: Predominantly licorice and blackberries with a white pepper spiciness at the back of the tongue. Short astringent finish with a hint of bitter tannins noted. Might benefit from 1-3 years aging in the bottle.

Style: Smooth and supple

Rating: 87/100

Price Range: $8.00-10.00. Widely available in most wine shops and supermarkets in this area.

Comments: Trumpeter is the brand of lower cost wines from the Rutini winery in the Uco valley of Mendoza Argentina.This is a malbec that was elaborated in a more austere classic style than most. Reminded me of a Spanish Rioja rather than the usual fruity and young style of most Argentine malbecs. Best when served with food rather than on its own. Serve with grilled meat dishes. Particularly nice with mushroom dishes as well.

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